You have lifted this weight off our shoulders Leon…

You have lifted this weight off our shoulders Leon…

Good Morning to you Leon,

Yesterday, we had recv’d the document for the dismissal of this issue. We are very humble and truly “Thankful” for your services with this matter. As I’m sure you know, this was tremendously stressful to us in knowing that we didn’t intentionally do anything wrong along with the stretching of our budget to rectify it. As with you, we were completely honest with everything we had submitted for the purchase of the GMC. Every question and situation was ran passed the sales rep. before even putting it into writing. We had placed our trust with the sales rep. for this is his business expertise and we believed that if they were not going to qualify us with were we stood, then it would just mean that we were not ready to purchase this vehicle and we would have been fine with it.

You have lifted this weight off our shoulders Leon and once again, we are just very “Thankful” for your time in resolving this matter. It has been a pleasure to meet you sir and if someone should need a BK specialist, I most definitely know of one.

If anything else is needed from me, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Sincerely, a very satisfied client.
Conrad V.

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