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Free Credit Repair Advice


With over 33 years in this business, we know a thing or two about credit repair. We know what works. And we know the scams and hoaxes out there that will waste your money and your time. We will advise you how to fix your credit if you become our client. Some people can file bankruptcy and have decent credit 6 months later. Some people will struggle for years to rebuild their credit but get nowhere.

Often, the credit strugglers have been doing all the wrong things. Regardless of your personal situation, you will get our honest advice and strategies for successful credit repair.

We could charge people a lot of money for what we know about credit repair. Become our client, and you get our credit repair advice for free.

If your credit can be fixed, we will gladly share what we know to make that happen faster and easier. Here are a few quick take away points:

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    Why we are qualified

    For the last 33 years, Leon Bayer and Jeff Wishman of Bayer Wishman & Leotta have specialised exclusively in helping clients with debt problems.

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