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We can sometimes file an emergency bankruptcy in less than one day. Most emergency bankruptcy cases are filed to stop a foreclosure sale. People sometimes delay filing bankruptcy because they view it as a “last resort.” They hope it won’t be necessary. When they are almost out of time, they find out…

  • The loan modification was denied.
  • The refinance did not fund.
  • The mortgage company did not accept the short sale offer.
  • The real estate agent needs more time to sell.
  • The money that was promised didn’t come.
  • Your home is going to be auctioned.

Bankruptcy will stop or delay foreclosure, but first you have to be eligible. You also have to file in time to stop the sale. Problems can occur if you have been involved in any previous bankruptcy, and for other reasons. You should always have a bankruptcy expert first determine if you are eligible for bankruptcy. Please do not wait until the last minute.

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