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Stop Wage Garnishment


Filing bankruptcy creates an immediate restraining order that stops creditors! This court order is called the Automatic Stay. It immediately stops any creditors that are garnishing your wages. This is an AWESOME power–a court order that protects YOU from THEM. To properly and permanently stop wage garnishments and other collection actions, there are a few things you’ll need to consider:

  • You first need a bankruptcy expert to determine if you are eligible for bankruptcy.
  • We will not recommend bankruptcy to someone unless they need it. There are different types of bankruptcy.
  • Determining which type works best for you requires the advice of a bankruptcy specialist. You are in danger of making dumb mistakes if you try to file bankruptcy without an experienced specialist.

Here is how the Automatic stay works.

  • The Automatic Stay STOPS creditors.
  • They can’t threaten you.
  • They can’t call your home or job.
  • They can’t mail you any more bills or collection threats.
  • They can’t file a collection lawsuit.
  • The automatic stay Stops Wage Garnishment.
  • You might even be able to get back some or all of the money they have already taken from you.

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