Quitting your Job

Quitting your Job

Letter to “Ask Leon”

My husband and I must file bankruptcy. He is a musician and also writes. Both of those translate to no income. We can’t even afford to file right now. If he were to get a part time job and then quit once we caught up on everything and saved the money to file can he then quit and how would that impact a decision on our bankruptcy?

Leon Says…

The bankruptcy law examines all household income earned during six months prior to the month that you file your case, your projected income and your current and projected living expenses. This is done to see if meeting and detailed income and expense information from you, it is not possible to do more than make a guess as to how such a job would affect your ability to file bankruptcy. A bankruptcy case can be tossed out by the court on the grounds of abuse of the bankruptcy law. I think the court could find a case of bad faith where a person deliberately quits a job just to make himself ppear to be eligible for bankruptcy. My guess is that you guys can still file with your husband earning the part time income, but that is merely an educated guess. Assuming I am right, he can quit the job after the bankruptcy is granted. To get a real answer, you will need a consultation with a qualified local bankruptcy attorney, and then you should be able to find out. Assuming that a qualified bankruptcy attorney examines your case and advises that you can file, I think it would be more desirable for both of you if a viable strategy can be developed that will allow your husband to keep the job and still file bankruptcy while he is working. It sounds like you guys really need the money, and (assuming that your husband wants to help shoulder some of the responsibility for meeting your daily living expenses) a part time job should still allow him time to pursue his other interests, wouldn’t it?

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