Legal Snapshot: A Quick Overview (Part 1 of 4)

Legal Snapshot: A Quick Overview (Part 1 of 4)

Always get expert help. Bankruptcy is too complicated for you to jump into this without getting expert help. Many people do try file on their own, without an attorney. However, many of the “do it yourselfers” will make serious, costly mistakes that could have been avoided by an experienced bankruptcy law expert.

The laws are very complicated . The laws and rules governing bankruptcy cases are extremely complex. The purpose of this Guide is to offer you a simplified basic understanding of consumer bankruptcy laws. Self help books, and non-lawyers calling themselves paralegals or legal document preparers are no substitute for having the help of someone with the legal training, experience and analytical ability that only an experienced bankruptcy attorney can bring to your case.

Consult an attorney . Any person considering the possibility of seeking bankruptcy relief should first consult with a knowledgeable attorney who specializes in this field. Many people will hurt themselves and make costly legal mistakes by going into a bankruptcy case without an attorney, or by retaining an attorney who is not a specialist – mistakes which an expert may have easily avoided. Often, these mistakes are irreversible, and may result in the loss of your property and sometimes even result in the denial of the bankruptcy.

Caveat: Bankruptcy is an absolutely incredible legal remedy for people with debt trouble. It really can give a fresh start, if you play by the rules! However, inexperienced people can’t help but trip over the maze of those rules and regulations.

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