In spite of the overwhelming obstacles, you prevailed…

In spite of the overwhelming obstacles, you prevailed…

Dear Jeff:

It is Thanksgiving morning, 1998 and I am writing you this letter to you because you are responsible for much of what I have to be thankful for. My lawsuit judgment debt of approximately $250,000 that the Bankruptcy Court found non-dischargeable in Chapter 7, as affirmed by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, is now fully discharged under the Chapter 13 plan that you both filed and argued for me. The case is now closed.

Thank you for your excellent work on my behalf. You defended me against a seasoned, formidable team of attorneys from top law schools (including Stanford, USC and Harvard) who were hired by a vindictive judgment creditor intent on derailing the confirmation of my Chapter 13 plan. Using a shotgun approach, they argued numerous legal points. Their legal papers opposing the confirmation were approximately three or four inches thick. Moreover, you had to argue against them in front of the same bankruptcy judge who had previously found my debt non-dischargeable in Chapter 7.

In spite of the overwhelming obstacles, you prevailed. You presented the issues clearly and succinctly such that the judge was able to confirm the plan in the interest of equity and in the spirit of what the Bankruptcy laws were designed for.

The completion of the Chapter 13 plan has given me a fresh economic start. In addition, it has freed me from an enormous emotional, as well as economic burden, that my debts caused. As you know, I was not able to pay of the judgment debt, and I was unable to settle with the judgment creditor. My situation seemed hopeless. The judgment debt was an “economic life sentence” from which I had no escape or relief. I therefore sincerely thank you for your excellent legal work, which enabled the Court to confirm my Chapter 13 plan.

You have my permission to show this letter to any of your clients or prospective clients for the purpose of letting them know that I strongly recommend you as an outstanding bankruptcy attorney.

Very truly yours,
Rod R.

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