Found Judgment Lien 4 yrs after Bankruptcy Discharge

Found Judgment Lien 4 yrs after Bankruptcy Discharge

Letter to “Ask Leon”

This is coming up now because we are in the process of a re-finance on our home and the title company is showing a lien on our property by this finance company from a judgment that was discharged in my husband’s bankruptcy in 2001. We just purchased this home in 2005; my husband has never owned a home before this. Was just wondering how they can put a lien on our home four years after the debt was discharged due to BK and how to get this removed.

Leon Says…

Find out the name and phone number of the “Title Advisor” at the title company that your lender is using. You can get this info from your loan officer or from the escrow officer. Call the title advisor, and supply that person with proof that the judgment was discharged in the bankruptcy. That should be all that you have to do to clear this up.

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