Can I File Bankruptcy Again?

Can I File Bankruptcy Again?

Letter to “Ask Leon”

I filed bankruptcy back in March 2001 and now I’m being sued civilly by two big name brand companies for having counterfeit products on my website. I didn’t know that the products were counterfeit until I started receiving cease and desist letters. I own a website but I’m a sole proprietor so my personal name is in the lawsuit and it just listed my domain names. Can you tell me is there any way I can file BANKRUPTCY!

Leon Says…

A person is not eligible to discharge any debts under Chapter 7 until it has been more than eight years from the date the previous case was filed. It is likely that the plaintiff would have a basis to object. However, there may be hope for you! You can look into filing Chapter 13. Even under the new law, there is still a “loophole” in Chapter 13 that may allow you to discharge this debt, even though it might not be dischargeable in a Chapter 7. For more information on what Chapter 13 does and the eligibility requirements, you can begin by checking out the following guide, and of course consult immediately with a highly respected local bankruptcy attorney. Get yourself the best representation that you can find, because this may be a difficult case. Please see Guide at:

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