Bankruptcy & Rent

Bankruptcy & Rent

Letter to “Ask Leon”

We are about to file for Chapter 7 and rent an apartment on a month to month basis. Aside from being late with the rent a few times, we have always paid our rent. My question is, can we lose our apartment because we’ve filed for bankruptcy? We also have a 7 month old child.

Leon Says…

The bankruptcy itself will not cause you to lose your apartment. In fact, I see no reason to inform the landlord of the bankruptcy, so long as you are current on the rent. If you lose the apartment it will be because of non bankruptcy factors, like being late with the rent. Landlords want to be paid on time, period. When you rent month to month, a landlord could always decide that he doesn’t want you, for whatever reason, or even for no reason at all. Unless you are protected by some kind of rent control ordinances, a landlord can give a month to month tenant a notice to vacate, and subject to the landlord-tenant laws and regulations that might, (if any) be applicable in your state or locality.

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