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The law firm of Bayer Wishman & Leotta has successfully represented clients in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas in bankruptcy cases for over 23 years. Before that, Leon Bayer and Jeff Wishman worked together at a prominent bankruptcy law firm in Los Angeles. So for the last 33 years, Leon and Jeff have specialized in nothing but helping their clients with debt problems.

When you visit us for your free consultation, we will go over your personal situation and explain how bankruptcy may affect each of your debts, property and assets. We will not recommend bankruptcy unless you need it. Our aim is to provide the very best counsel to our clients and we will be as objective as possible about your options.

At the end of your consultation, if you decide that bankruptcy is the best option, we will quote you a very reasonable fee. Payment plans are available. You are under no obligation and whatever you decide, our bankruptcy services and advice during the consultation are free.

If bankruptcy is your best option, we will help you through the process.

If you are being crippled by high credit card debt or medical bills, Chapter 7 may be a way for you to discharge those debts. Also called a “liquidation,” “debt wipe-out” or “fresh start,” Chapter 7 cases are typically resolved 4 months after the filing date. You will receive a Bankruptcy Discharge and your obligation to the discharged debts will be over. Together we determine if this is the best course of action for you.

When a Chapter 7 petition is filed, all creditor collection activity will stop. There is an “automatic stay” that will protect you from the harassing phone calls; and it will temporarily stop a foreclosure or eviction and permanently stop creditors from collecting their debts for those debts that are covered by your discharge.

Chapter 13 is also known as “reorganization” or “consolidation.” If your income is determined to be too high for a Chapter 7 procedure, but you are facing foreclosure on your home, auto repossessions or tax debts, Chapter 13 can help give you some breathing room.. Ninety-nine percent (99%) of all debtors who file Chapter 13 keep their assets. This may also be the best option for joint husband and wife filings.

A Chapter 13 petition will also stop creditors from harassing you and it will stop foreclosure on your home or other property so long as those assets are included in your “reorganization” plan and so long as you are able to make the payments required under your plan.

Frequently, those who file bankruptcy and keep their homes are able to recover their lost equity. We can help you protect your largest investment. We will look at all your alternatives and help you choose the best option for saving your home or other property.

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For the last 33 years, Leon Bayer and Jeff Wishman of Bayer Wishman & Leotta have specialised exclusively in helping clients with debt problems.