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For the last 33 years, Leon Bayer and Jeff Wishman of Bayer Wishman & Leotta have specialized exclusively in helping clients with debt problems.

Student Loan Relief

There is an important exception to the rule that student loans are not dischargeable in bankruptcy. Serious physical or mental disability is the most frequent basis for obtaining a “hardship” discharge of student loans. We have substantial experience with such cases. We are happy to give you our careful opinion on whether you have a case.

If you don’t qualify for the hardship discharge available for some student loans, there might be other strategies that we can recommend. If you have a serious disability, we can often show you how to obtain forgiveness of a subsidized student loan without filing bankruptcy. We have also developed strategies on ways to cope with private student loan debts.

Student loans are probably the toughest problem in a consumer bankruptcy case. We are happy to talk to you about your student loan problems. You can do some reading about discharging student loans in bankruptcy at A Human Guide to Bankruptcy.

Ready to Eliminate Your Debt?

Bankruptcy is still the best option. Other debt plans make promises, but only bankruptcy delivers.

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