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For the last 33 years, Leon Bayer and Jeff Wishman of Bayer Wishman & Leotta have specialized exclusively in helping clients with debt problems.

Lien Stripping

We may be able to get rid of your 2nd mortgage and judgment liens during bankruptcy. To avoid or “strip” a 2nd mortgage on your property, you are going to need a Chapter 13 or a Chapter 11. You can’t remove a 2nd mortgage in a Chapter 7 case. However, if your problem is limited to judgment liens, Chapter 7 might be the ideal remedy for you. Chapter 13 can deal with removing a 2nd mortgage and judgment liens and we have written extensively on this topic. We have substantial experience with lien stripping in every type of bankruptcy case.

Ready to Eliminate Your Debt?

Bankruptcy is still the best option. Other debt plans make promises, but only bankruptcy delivers.

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