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  • Interview with Adolf Hitler on Syria Ukraine and Putin
    (Transcript of Sunday Morning Network News Interview – A. Hitler, Original Broadcast on Sunday, June 13, 2017). Participants: A. Hitler and staff moderator. Moderator: I am here today with Mr. Adolf Hitler. Mr. Hitler was formerly the Chancellor of Germany. He held office from 1933 to about mid 1945. Mr.... Read more »
  • Bankruptcy Lawyer Near Me
    Asking your phone to "Find a Bankruptcy Lawyer Near Me," gets you fifty thousand lawyer names. There is a smarter way to go about it. Here's how. The post Bankruptcy Lawyer Near Me appeared first on My Bankruptcy Lawyer.... Read more »
  • Long Beach Bankruptcy Services
    I have been representing clients in Long Beach bankruptcy cases for 37 years. I have had my own law firm office in Long Beach for about 23 years. My Long Beach bankruptcy law office will provide you with a completely free consultation.     Long Beach Bankruptcy Cases People come... Read more »
  • Trusted Bankruptcy Advice
    You can’t get reliable, trusted bankruptcy advice from anyone but experienced lawyers. You friends and family can’t help you, no matter how well meaning they are because they are not experienced experts. There is no adequate substite for getting trusted bankruptcy advice that you can rely on. No matter how much... Read more »
  • Convert Your Bankruptcy To Chapter 13?
    Convert your bankruptcy to Chapter 13 to stop the Chapter 7 trustee from taking your property. A Chapter 7 trustee gets paid from taking and selling your assets. To convert your bankruptcy to Chapter 13 you must show the court that you are acting in good faith, you have a... Read more »
  • Bankruptcy Chapter 13 Could be Your Luckiest Number.
    Bankruptcy Chapter 13 could be your luckiest number. Here’s why. If handled correctly, Bankruptcy Chapter 13 may do miracles for you. Like these: Stop foreclosure. Save your home.  Remove your 2nd mortgage.  Handle debts that won’t be handled by Bankruptcy Chapter 7.  Prevent the forced sale of assets. Let you live  in... Read more »
  • Asset Protection. How effective is Asset Protection?
    “Asset protection” is a joke. If asset protection really worked, everyone would do it. And then, no one would ever have to pay their debts. The only person helped by an asset protection plan is the promoter. According to Forbes Magazine, ” it [asset protection] is not just about protecting... Read more »
  • File Bankruptcy? Take National Bankruptcy Test to Find Out.
    “Should I file Bankruptcy?” The decision to file bankruptcy should be made after giving it a lot of thought. Nobody wants to file bankruptcy any more than they want to see a dentist. But tooth decay happens, and so does financial decay. If you have too much financial decay, it’s... Read more »
  • Bad bankruptcy lawyer. Does your lawyer return calls? We do.
    Don’t complain about your bad bankruptcy lawyer. Fire your bad bankruptcy lawyer! It is perfectly acceptable to fire a bad bankruptcy lawyer. The sooner you fire a bad lawyer, the better it is for you. It is natural for you to hesitate. You probably worry about losing the money you... Read more »
  • Bankruptcy for High Income Earners Explained
    Bankruptcy for high income earners is tricky. A Los Angeles Bankruptcy specialist shares his advice and tips for high income earners who need Chapter 7 relief. The post Bankruptcy for High Income Earners Explained appeared first on My Bankruptcy Lawyer.... Read more »